What We Do

Special Studio creates modern and timeless homeware through innovative production using recycled plastic. All Special Studio products are made in-house locally, using 100% recycled plastic.

Our production system is circular, not only do we use recycled plastic, we also have in-house recycling systems that allow products to be returned and recycled.



It’s important to consider the life cycle of all products. Our purpose is finding new uses for waste plastic.

To achieve this, we have built the ability to process locally sourced waste plastics into almost anything.

Our design and production systems can efficiently process recycled plastic materials into a range of products that can then be recycled again and again.

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Local Manufacturing

Local production shortens the distance objects travel to customers, reducing the energy and pollution associated with transportation.

Around 50% of the materials used in our production are sourced locally. As we grow, we aim to reduce our reliance on imported materials.

Purchasing Special Studio products helps to grow the circular economy and to improve recycling and manufacturing infrastructure.

By choosing recycled and recyclable products, current and future waste is diverted into living rooms instead of landfills while reducing demand for new plastics.